Yoga Informed Consultation Group

This consultation group in an invitation to engage and contribute to this exciting new field of Yoga Informed Psychotherapy.  

Consultation is formatted to include an integration of psychoeducational themes, experientials, case presentation, play and process. The group will be invited to provide ongoing input, direction, role-play and skill building and sharing. 


Join this first of its kind group consultation and let’s explore some emerging ideas:

  • Applied yoga philosophy and techniques
  • Adapted yoga for mental health concerns: addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, self-harm, trauma
  • Embodied psychotherapy
  • Across the Creative Chasm: from the chair to movement
  • Yoga informed group therapy
  • Integrating into multiple environments from individual to agency
  • Education the institution and administrators on the efficacy of this modality

Fee: $30 per session

Please see Event page or contact for more information on the next consultation.

Hours towards licensure available



I am available for individual consultation.  Sessions are 60 minutes and are tailored for your interests and formatted for your needs. Meetings occur in your office, over phone or Skype. 


Licensed Psychotherapists: $100

Students: $50

Yoga Instructors: $50

Health Care Providers: $50