Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy Training


Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy brings two worlds together; the western conceptualization and practices of treatment for those who suffer with mental health concerns, and the 2,500 year-old living tradition of yoga that seeks to illuminate the self.

Training in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy is aimed at preparing the therapist to confidently utilize Yoga philosophy, psychology and practices, in a range of treatment settings and for individuals and groups.

Essential facets of Yoga Theory and Practices are interwoven with concepts in neurobiology, biopsychological somatic models and psychodynamic and behavior traditions of psychotherapy. Practitioners will gain an integrated lens of holistic-based mental health treatment, through engaging deeply with the many parallels between Eastern and Western systems of healing.

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It will not do to merely listen to great principles. You must apply them to your life. That is called practice.
— Vivekananda Compilation (7:117)